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A Special Message From Ron LeGrand ... Founder of Housing America

“Will you help us put 1,000,000 deserving
 families into a home of their own
within the next decade?”

A new charity has been formed to help deserving families across America realize their dream of home ownership.  Thousands of real estate investors are banding together across America and volunteering their time and expertise to make this mission a reality. 

These volunteers are called Eagles and the mission is to renovate run down houses donated to Housing America, a non-profit organization, mostly by cities who own these properties.  Many cities have thousands of houses they have acquired through condemnation and other means that could be put back in service if renovated.  By donating these properties to this charity the properties will go back on the tax rolls, a deserving family will own a home with very favorable terms, the city would get favorable publicity, some families may be removed from the Section 8 rent rolls and the Eagles will also receive a lot of priceless publicity that will serve to increase their personal business.  In addition to city donated housing many properties will be donated by private owners once the word gets out.  They will receive a tax write off and relieve themselves of a problem property accruing taxes and constant maintenance.

Cash and personal property donations are welcome from our Eagles and the general public to fund the administration costs and materials and labor needed to rehab houses that can’t be acquired through donations.  Most labor will be furnished by Eagles with the homeowner participating.  We will also solicit corporate sponsors to donate materials as well as cash and goods that can be sold to raise cash.  Once the houses are occupied a minimal monthly payment will be paid by the owner and when they sell the house these loans will be paid off.  This will provide additional funding to expand the number of houses we can put in service to achieve our goal of 1,000,00 houses in 10 years.

The families will be selected based on their desire to own a home of their own, their ability to repay the loan and other factors determined by the agencies we select to screen these applicants. They will be required to make a minimal monthly payment and pay off the loan upon sale.

Ron LeGrand will serve as a non-paid board member, founder and figurehead and all royalties received from his latest best-selling book, "How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire", will be donated to Housing America.  Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and "The One Minute Millionaire" has also accepted a seat as a board member.

A publicity firm, Gregory FCA , has been hired by the Housing America project and is prepared to roll it out to numerous media contacts.  This project should attract wide spread publicity and get the attention of the biggest and best media outlets as well as high placed corporate execs, politicians and leaders of many industries including entertainment which may lead to famous spokespersons such as actors, singers, producers, etc. The nature of the project will put Housing America in a position to get a meeting with anyone, regardless of their stature, who could be instrumental to reaching our goal.

At the time of publication of this book the board of directors were being selected and the management structure put in place.  You can stay tuned to our progress by going to 

We need your help!  We can’t do it alone.  Below you’ll find the benefits and requirements of becoming one of our Housing America Eagles.  If you’d like to be a part and help us with this massive project, please fill out the application [ HERE ] on our website. 

Also, I am hosting a series of teleconference calls during late July and the middle of August to more fully explain everything about this ambituous project.  The dates and times for these calls are shown on the calendar located [ HERE ] on our website. 

We primarily need your time and your talent and of course cash donations are always welcome but not necessary to become an Eagle.

Thanks for considering this opportunity to REALLY make a difference. I certainly hope you'll seriously consider joining us as we "Give Back" together, Renewing The American Dream - One Home At A Time.


Ron Legrand

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