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Eagle Requirements and Benefits

Below are the requirements and benefits of becoming an Eagle with Housing America, a non-profit organization on a mission to put 1,000,000 deserving families into a home of their own within the next decade.


Below are the simple requirements and benefits of becoming an Eagle with Housing America, a non-profit organization on a mission to put 1,000,000 deserving families into a home of their own within the next decade.


1.  Eagles must be willing to donate up to 100 hours of time over the next 12 months providing your skills and efforts if called upon by Housing America.  We’ll call upon our Eagles to perform all the major tasks required to fulfill our mission such as: working with your city to acquire the houses, soliciting donations of materials and skilled labor to rehab houses, providing your labor to do the same, helping with local publicity campaigns, etc.  All functions will be under the direction of Housing America and your special skills will be requested when the time comes to use them.


2. All Eagles will be required to make a charitable donation of $2,000 or go to a local bookstore and order 100 copies of the book, How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire, at the best price you can negotiate. Our experience suggests a 20-25% discount is common.  We would prefer you give these books away to people you feel could use a helping hand but you may resell them if you wish as long as you do not do so online.  Any online sales of this book will void your status as an Eagle.

You may send your receipt to Global Publishing Inc. and receive a certificate for 100% of the amount you paid for the books toward any training offered by Ron LeGrand or Global Publishing, discussed on  This certificate is transferable to anyone you choose and expires eighteen months after receipt.

Your action will accomplish several things. First, it can change the lives of those who receive your book donation who may have never purchased one themselves.  Second, it will increase the number of Eagles who will get this same invitation you’re reading.  If they become Eagles, they must also donate one hundred books, which will create more Eagles and so on.  Third, you’ll get a full credit toward your training for your purchase price of one hundred books, which may be the push you need to take advantage of the huge cash flow and wealth you can experience as a real estate entrepreneur.  We all need a push and it’s my hope this will help you curtail procrastination.  Fourth, by asking Eagles to purchase books which will get more Eagles to purchase books at retail outlets, book sales will increase, thus increasing my royalties which I will donate 100% to Housing America.


1. Your business will increase when your community learns you are a part of this charity.  Our PR firm will create press releases for you to use and provide training on how to use them to generate interest in Housing America and you.  All Eagles will be listed in local and national press releases (unless you request anonymity.)  This publicity will drive customers to you who wish to buy and sell houses and any other business you may be conducting. Even though this is a charity comprised largely of real estate investors, you will get a lot of attention as a charitable person, which can only serve you well in all your endeavors.

2. Free admission to our annual Eagle’s Conference held in a resort location. You’ll get to meet some famous people and learn behind the scenes secrets from the super wealthy.  This annual gala event will be one you’ll talk about all year and may very well be the turning point in your personal life.  You’ll hear from world class featured speakers and Eagle superstars and be a part of the future direction of Housing America.  Part of this event is a brain storming session where Eagles unite to come up with the biggest and best ideas to reach our goal of 1,000,000 houses in the next decade. The rest is focused on helping you increase your personal wealth.

3. Monthly teleconference calls with Ron LeGrand and Eagle stars where we discuss the month’s progress and hot ideas and other topics of interest to our Eagles.  You’ll be given a code to dial into these sixty-minute sessions.

4. Special recognition and ribbons at all major Global Publishing events including our annual Customer Appreciation Celebration where you’ll meet thousands of other real estate investors and students of Ron LeGrand.  If you’re an Eagle you are priority to us.

5. All cash or personal property donations made by Eagles and others are tax deductible.  Major donations with a value of $5,000 or more will receive a certificate you can use for your taxes.  Check with your CPA on this as you may be required to obtain an appraisal to substantiate the value.

More benefits may be added. Stay tuned to our progress on our website.

What To Do Next:

If you’d like to be considered as an Eagle simply complete the online application [ HERE ] and we'll take it from there.

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